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Virtual/Telephone Counselling 'Online' 

UK wide


Choose online counselling for convenience, accessibility, and privacy. Enjoy the flexibility to connect from your preferred location, receive support on your schedule, and maintain a comfortable, confidential environment.

Rest assured that I prioritise confidentiality and privacy utilising secure technology platforms. Choose your preferred, most comfortable communication options, including video calls, telephone call, or coming soon email.

Sessions are hosted online via Google Meet and you will be sent a Google Meet video call link via email once payment has been received in advance of your session. 

More information about Google Meet here

Sessions are 50 minutes

Lynsey Berwick Counselling Walk and Talk.JPG
(Image credit Gill Brant 2023)

Walk and Talk Counselling 'Outdoors'

Lee on the Solent, Hampshire, UK


Opt for Walk and Talk Counselling to combine therapy with the benefits of nature and physical activity. Enjoy a dynamic session outdoors, fostering a relaxed and open atmosphere. Walking side by side can ease conversation, promote mindfulness, and provide a refreshing change from traditional settings.

Walks may either be circular or involve turning around and heading back to the start, depending on the route. Some routes will give the opportunity to sit and reflect.

Walk and Talk Sessions are held in pre-agreed locations in Lee on the Solent, Hampshire, UK.


Click here to View Map.

Sessions are 50/60 minutes. Please allow for a little time flexibility due to variability in route and conditions on the day

West Street Room_edited.png

Face to Face

Fareham, Hampshire, UK



Choose traditional face-to-face counseling for a personal and in-depth therapeutic experience. In-person sessions provide a dedicated and private space to explore emotions, fostering a deeper understanding of yourself. The traditional setting allows for a focused, uninterrupted conversation, creating a supportive environment for healing and personal growth.

My private clinic for face to face appointments is within easy reach of Portsmouth, Southampton & Gosport. Located at West Street Counselling centre, 126 West Street, Fareham PO16 0EP.


Click here to View Map.

Sessions are 50 minutes


Counselling your way

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